Midnight blue gold trim Gold with midnight blue trim
Historical and National Outfits for 18" vinyl dolls like American Girl and Sweet Pea Girls.
Only outfits with active links are available for Christmas delivery.
Asian Outfits
Two styles to choose from. One is midnight blue with gold trim, the other is gold with midnight blue trim. Both include tops, Capri pants and matching caps.
Both tops have Velcro and toggle closures. Pants are pull on style with elastic waist. 
Cap is slip on style. 
These are special purchase outfits made by a doll clothing manufacturer in the USA.
Looks cute with any of the shoes sold above

Sweet Pea Doll Clothes
 for American Girl, Sweet Pea Girls and other 18" vinyl dolls.
Moccasins with Brown Ties

3 pc Buckskin Outfit
Outfit includes a brown buckskin dress made from suede fabric with fringed yokeline, sleeves and hemline. Dress closes in the back with Velcro. Pull on pants have an elastic waist. Outfit includes a ribbon braid headband. 
Her moccasins can be purchased below. 

Asian Sandals with platford wooden soles, like the real deal! Too cute.
$8.00 pr
2 pc Asian Wrap Front Pant Outfit
Asian outfit made from beautiful silk brocade in a dark blue background covered in bright colors. Top is trimmed in bright pink and navy with black frog closures. 
Pull on pants have elastic waist for easy pull on styling.
Very pretty outfit.
Looks sharp with the slip on sandals sold below

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3 Strap Gold Sandals
Really nice sandals that work well for all sizes of 18" doll feet. The straps close with velcro so the straps can be adjusted for your dolls feet. 
2 pc Asian Skirt Outfit
Pretty outfit made from silky brocade fabric with real frog closures. The skirt is a wrap skirt look design that closes in the back with velcro. Top has a mandarin collar,  is trimmed with the skirt fabric with frog closures in the front. 
Looks cute with the Asian sandals sold below