/> Sweet Pea Girls, 18" vinyl dolls very similar to American Girl Dolls
"Sweet Pea Girls"
18" vinyl dolls, very similar to American Girl Dolls. 
Just as nice at a sweeter price!

Sweet Pea Girls are "specialty made" 18" vinyl dolls. 
No two are exactly alike!

What does Specialty mean? 
I take a new, high quality, manufactured 18 inch vinyl doll, add a superior quality, permanently attached wig and design a special outfit for each doll.

Each doll has a vinyl head and limbs, 100% cotton torso stuffed with premium fiberfill.

They have sleeping eyes and moveable/posable arms, legs and heads. 

18" vinyl Sweet Pea Girls come with a variety of skin, eye and hair shades... The wigs are very good quality wigs that come in a variety of hairdo's.  They can be brushed, styled and restyled over and over again..

These doll's will give your special someone hours of entertainment styling their dolls hair, dressing and playing with her Sweet Pea Girl. 

Each doll has been dressed in a special outfit to fit her unique little personality. These outfits are handmade by me personally. I take great care to make sure they're made very well for years of play. All seams have been finished, dresses, skirts and most of the tops are lined and all outfits are easy on and off styles with Velcro closings or elastic waistlines. 
Sweet Pea Girls also come complete with a pair of undies & the accessories shown in their picture.

 Most of the outfits worn by the Sweet Pea Girls can also be purchased separately at
Sweet Pea Doll Clothes. 
A large variety of shoes, socks and undies are also available for separate purchase.
These outfits fit doll's like American Girl, Gotz, Springfield, Sweet Pea Girls and pretty much any 18 inch vinyl doll.   
I also offer doll clothing for Bitty Baby, Little Mommy, Gotz Maxy Muffin, Corolle dolls and more. 

The suggested age group for these type of doll's is 7 years & up, but you be the judge as to when your own sweet pea is ready for an eighteen inch doll. But PLEASE keep in mind, very young girls may be too young to understand how to care for a doll with a styled wig. For instance, if a young child takes a brush to a doll wig without understanding how to do so carefully, the chances are, the doll's hair is not going to look very good after repeated "brushings".. 
These doll's make excellent gifts for girls 7-100! 

The girls have all been divided into categories of light skin/blue eyes, light skin/green eyes, light skin/brown eyes, med skin/brown eyes, dark skin/brown eyes and Asian inspired/brown eyes.

Each doll comes with the complete outfit she's pictured in as well as an Adoption Certificate, with her name, the meaning of her name and the date she's purchased (or, any date you'd like included such as birthday's, Christmas, etc.)

Each doll cost $72 plus s/h 
and includes everything shown on the doll.

Outfits can not be switched on the doll's, but most outfits can be purchased separately HERE.
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Light Skin Blue Eyed 
18" vinyl Dolls

Many one of a kind specialty made Sweet Pea 18" vinyl doll's to choose from with light skin and blue eyes!! 

Light Skin Green Eyed 
18" vinyl Dolls

Many specialty made Sweet Pea 18" vinyl doll's to choose from with light skin and green eyes!! 
Every doll is one of a kind.

Light Skin Brown Eyed 
18" vinyl Dolls

Many specialty made Sweet Pea 18" vinyl doll's to choose from with light skin and brown eyes!! 

 Brown Eyed Asian Inspired
18" vinyl Dolls in both light skin and medium skin tones

You asked for them....I listened!
Specialty made Sweet Pea 18" vinyl doll's to choose from with dark brown eyes, Asian Inspired!! 

Medium Skin Brown Eyed 
18" vinyl Dolls

Many specialty made Sweet Pea 18" vinyl dolls to choose from with medium skin and brown eyes.
These adorable girls fit many categories, including Latino, Asian, Hawaiian, Biracial and light skinned African American.

Boy Dolls
Specialty made Sweet Pea 18" vinyl boy dolls to choose from in a variety of hair, eye and skin color!!

Special Valu Dolls!!!
No doll left behind... 
On this page you'll find previously loved dolls with a "redo".
Beautiful dolls at a great special valu price!
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Dark Skin Brown Eyed 
18" vinyl Dolls

Cute specialty made Sweet Pea 18" vinyl dolls to choose from with medium skin and dark skin with dark brown eyes.